Saturday, October 24, 2009

Time Flies!

Okay since I never posted any pictures of E's bday I guess I will do that. :-) (E says thank you for all her gifts...we are working on the thank you cards.) She loved that day! She got to go to school, come home and play with some new toys, daddy came home early, and then the party started. :-)

Okay time has flown by!!! Life is busy as usual around here. Seems like I never get everything done I want to. I am hoping to start on our Christmas cards this week since both kids should be in school! N was out of school Mon-Thurs this last week b/c he was sick. Just a fever and cough.

Let's see last weekend we went to Long Beach, WA with M's mom's side of the family. I got to meet some relatives that I have never meet. E had fun with 2 other little girls there. N had some fun in our bedroom with the TV and Nintendo DS games. (He started to get sick there and we were trying to keep him away from everyone else.) It was a long drive (3 day weekend) but we had fun. Didn't get any pictures b/c our camera decided to go on the fritz....seems to be working okay now. (Our guess is we will need a new one soon.) :-(

This weekend has been busy with Friday night at the church to carve pumpkins (mommy did most of it). Kids had fun running around with the other kids. This afternoon (Saturday) is N's last soccer game and then "party" afterwards. (S has to work tonight so M gets the fun of the party.) Then tomorrow (Sunday) is church and then the youth group is setting up for a youth halloween party. The party is 6-8 and so we will leave M at the church in the afternoon go home grab food and costumes and then go back for the fun. The kids are excited about getting to wear their costumes before Halloween. :-)

Friday, September 18, 2009

E Update!

Well in the last couple of weeks E has started preschool (last year) and dance class. She is loving both of them! She wishes her school went all day like N's. :-) I am thinking we will be looking into the all day Kindergarten for next year.

We had a parent watch day at dance this week so I got to take pictures. She is the tallest in her class and you can tell she loves being there. This picture is of her and then neighbor girl. And then the rest of her. It was easier to take a picture in the mirror then any other way.

Then on Wednesday of this week it was crazy hair day at school. So she really wanted some color in her hair and I happened to have some stuff left over from something that N did last year. So she got red in her hair. She loved it...I think I could actually talk her into sparkles in her hair this year for Halloween (she is going to be Tinkerbell) since she wants her hair up like Tinkerbell. :-)